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Fearfully And Wonderfully Made


I would like to introduce you to my son, Levi.

I covet your prayers for Levi. Forty-four years ago the doctor predicted his birth to be July 4, 1973. He was not born until September 17, 1973. Who knows if they actually had the right date or not. During that time all the water had leaked out and I had a dry birth. Levi came forth having a large hematoma on his head. No one suggested ever having x-rays on his brain to see what kind of brain damage he incurred.

A lady who was trained in special education noticed by the way Levi walked that something was wrong before he was two years old. Soon after Levi was observed by a team of neurological specialists. They said that he had brain damage at birth. There would be no way to correct anything. We were left to ourselves to deal with whatever the future had for us. They didn’t suggest any testing, nothing!

I tried special diets and meds being a guinea pig. It was too dangerous and they were making him worse. Being a single mother having to clean houses to make a living. My parents that helped us a lot. So I struggled on my own until I met the Lord as my savior when Levi was two. I claimed his total healing and deliverance back then. He had gone to many for prayer. Their predictions were always off when they said things like in two weeks he will be speaking and be made whole. I never lost faith but continued the best I could to trust the Lord.

Levi started having grand mall seizures after my dad died. Doctors traumatized Levi so we couldn’t have him placed on medication. There would be the need of continuous blood tests to monitor the meds. So I went a long while trusting the Lord that he would not fall and severely harm himself.

The Lord had protected Levi many times during seizures. Sometimes it actually looked like an angel had blocked a fall and placed him back on his feet. Still the Lord had allowed several times where he had really hurt himself. The worse time is when he busted open his chin really bad. We prayed over him and the bleeding stopped and pain must have left. He was so traumatized by all the ambulances, fire trucks, etc. Even though we went through a hard time the Lord’s presence was so strong. The Lord enabled me to witness and pray with the nurse in emergency room. I would go over it all again just to be in that same presence God gave me!!!

Continuing to pray for the Lord’s intervention. Levi was having three seizures a day every three or four days and started to regress from brain damage from the seizures. I knew something had to be done!!! The Lord provided a doctor that Levi could trust and he placed him on meds to control the seizures. The Lord restored his brain from the seizures. I could tell that before he started wetting his pants and acted like he didn’t know how to eat. Some actually have to be put on a feeding tube. Levi quit wetting himself and can now eat normally! Levi has been able to have blood tests now. He can go to the dentist even though he has to go under sedation.

Some people can’t understand how I can endure such a trial for so long. Well when Levi was 21 I met a wonderful man at a church I had just started visiting. The first week we were there he came up to me and said that since he first saw Levi he had been fasting and praying for him close to a week. Not long after we started sitting together at the church with Levi between us. One day Levi drew our heads together like he was saying Mom and Dad I want you together. Three months later we were married and he adopted Levi when he was 21.

When I met my husband I was very fatigued and my husband lifted my burden of caring for Levi immensely the little bit of time he was around. For back then he was an over the road truck driver so still I had to care for Levi a lot alone. Many times I had to bout with Levi having aggression against me. At times I would use praise to combat the demons behind it where I actually used a tambourine as a weapon of warfare! He would pull my hair without expecting it where my head would be pulled to the ground for years every time he would hear a baby cry.

The Lord has sustained me through the fire. Levi is not aggressive now but he began screaming loudly many times a day, and he will babble loudly which can really get on your nerves. He is like going through the terrible two’s for four decades. Can you endure one year of it, well try 40!

Yes, I am in this for the long haul. I will not back down believing that what God had promised He is also able to perform. Whatsoever you desire when you pray believe you have received and you shall have it. Yes, I have claimed Levi’s total healing and deliverance and I know many are in agreement with me. Levi will walk up to a pastor and say that he has a word to share and that pastor will be slain in the Spirit and Levi will turn around and prophesy and the whole congregation will go out under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Several have prophesied that Levi would speak forth the oracles of God with signs, wonders, and miracles following. Yes, God will be glorified, and if it takes many years before the manifestation I believe God will even receive much more glory. His timing is perfect. Levi has already spoken forth a prophesy in his present condition. It was a confirmation of what Kim Clement prophesied that the church lacks three things and Levi said the exact same things a week before I heard his prophesy. Levi said anticipation, expectation, and he said, “don’t plan” instead of Kim saying spontaneity.

Many have received encouragement just being around him and they really enjoy his presence when they connect with him. I know he loves the Lord and one day soon I will be able to meet the mighty man God called him to be! Just last week the scripture came to me several times that by much fasting and prayer does this spirit come out. 

I greatly appreciate prayers of intercession for my son. Abundance of blessings your way!!!!

Love in Christ,